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According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 600,000 people will die of cancer in 2016 and nearly 1.7 million new cases will be diagnosed. Stripes of a Warrior helps ease the financial burden cancer has on those affected by cancer. 


Here at Don Peterson Contracting, Inc. we pride ourselves on our ongoing contributions to the waterworks industry of Southern California. We also recognize that for many people it's not as easy to make the water flow as we make it look. We believe clean water is a human right and for the past several years we've made it a priority to raise awareness of projects that increase the quality of life through access to clean drinking water. DPC, Inc. is proud to sponsor pumps through WhoLives.Org.

One billion people in the world are without clean water. Millions of women and children spend most of every day carrying what water they find back to their families, even though the quality is so bad it often causes illness. Lack of access to clean water has multiple negative resulting effects. It prevents students from going to school, puts millions in the hospital every year and takes the life of a child every 21 seconds. For people already struggling, scarce and contaminated water puts a massive wall between them and progress.

The Village Drill is a human-powered borehole drill created by a team of Brigham Young University engineers and designed to drill a 6” – 8” borehole up to 250 feet (about 80 meters) deep. Once a pump is attached to the well a village can access the clean water that exists underground nearly everywhere in the world, even the arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

DPC, Inc. is dedicated to doing our part in progressing towards improved health and better opportunities for California and our greater global community. We are proud to be a part of the solution by enabling water access that is healthy and effective, today and for the next seven generations. 

Since inception DPC has made an effort to make a positive contribution to our community and the world. Below is a list of those we sponsor currently or have sponsored in the past.

Other Contributions

Girl Scouts of America (cookies)

Boys & Girls Club

Leslie's Penguin Cap

In August 2017 Leslie was given the scariest news of her life: a cancer diagnosis. As a strong-willed single mom she began fighting for her life and her hair! She underwent a double mastectomy in 2017 and after every chemotherapy treatment she would sit with her Penguin Chemo Cap on her head to save her beautiful hair. In the spring of 2018 she endured radiation and is now back to work as a social worker... yes! With hair!  She is so grateful for the donations and prayers and wishes and wants everyone to smile and live love!